The Magic Band

These lads are the business. From seeing them at the Free Trade Hall in the early seventies I have loved the music of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.

In the early 1980s, Beefheart turned away from music and towards the Mojave desert, where he spent the rest of his time painting.

Now, sadly, the good captain has left us to booglarise amongst the stars, maybe playing his (blues) harp now and again with Jimmy Carl Black.

But with the new millennium members of the Magic Band reformed, in particular:

John French (Drumbo)

Denny Walley (Feelers Reebo)

and the great

Rockette Morton aka Mark Boston:

Here he is with a fat bloke.  What a hero!  And he doesn’t mind boring sods asking for a photo.

Sadly, the last couple of tours were without Denny and Mark, and though we had a good time, it wasn’t the same.