Jim is my trailhound.

Jim wasn’t at his best that day. I’d put his pack on, but not quite right,
so it was giving him gip.His pack usually contains:
– My maps
– A Wainwright guide
– My gloves if I’m not wearing them
– My hat if I’m not wearing it
– A rock or two to keep the pack balanced

It makes it a lot easier than having to take my pack off every time I need to look at a map, or put on my gloves, and it’s not very heavy. But you’d be surprised at the number of people who make some fatuous comment about him carrying all the gear, or his food (which wouldn’t be fair on the lad, smelling it all the time while he’s trying to concentrate).

And as the picture below shows, where he’s looking across to Styhead Tarn and Gable from Lingmell, he looks pretty sharp with it on.