About Me

Well, what about me, then?


That is a picture of my daughter Madeleine and me taken many years ago.

I would describe myself, variously as: walker, karateka, socialist (remember them?),¬†ur-novellist, allotmenteer, and, when all else fails, statistician and SAS programmer. That last bit has nowt to do with Scandinavian aircraft or infantry: it’s a bit of software with which I’m familiar.

Biography. ¬†Once upon a time I was a teenage poet (I’m glad you weren’t there at the time), but I went to college, stopped thinking about football, met some friendly people and started on a more pleasant part of my life.

I do a fair bit of walking in the Lake District. I have staggered/strolled up just over 80% of the 214 Wainwright Fells.

These are the fells I’ve been up

My current level of engagement:

Could be worse.